One issue I see a fair amount in both published and unpublished manuscripts has to do with how doors are used and their orientation.

Doors have a fairly standard direction that they open, depending on the type of building and what the door accesses (and what country you are in). In the United States, it follows this pattern:

  • Commercial Buildings
    • Exterior doors open outward (into the street).
    • Restroom doors open into the restroom.
    • Restroom stall doors open into the stall EXCEPT handicapped stalls, whose door is required to open outward, into the room, to make it accessible.
    • Interior office doors tend to open into the office (away from the hallway).
  • Residential Buildings
  • Exterior doors open inward (into the house).
  • Interior room doors open into the room.
  • Bathroom doors open into the bathroom.

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