A real picture of me!

My name is Maura van der Linden and I wear all the hats around here.

My publishing career started in technical non-fiction with one solo book on Software Security Testing and a contribution to a study guide for a software security certification. I then moved to writing small-press fiction under a pen name and began editing for several of my publishers. With the advantage of being both a life-long reader and a bit of a grammar geek, I discovered I really enjoyed editing and helping develop an author’s work without taking it over.

In the midst of this growth for my personal projects, I also moved from a software test position to a programming writer position at my long-time employer in 2009 and am living out the dream of many authors–I make my living with the written word.

Though I still edit for some small presses, I also take freelance clients for both editing and technical writing. I enjoy the challenges of polishing stories and books without detracting from their author’s voice or intent. I guess I really love editing works of fiction.

I moved to beautiful Puget Sound, Washington in 1995 and may (finally) be acclimating to the weather, though the grey winters are still a bit dreary for me. I’m married and have two children, one of whom is still at home. I still manage to indulge my love of reading with at least 4 books a week and manage to pursue photography and knit in my spare time. Good thing I’m an excellent multi-tasker!